BBC “Comedy” shows Disgusting Side Effect of “Activism”

It’s getting harder and harder to turn on the TV these days without having some kind of political message blasted into your face through a medium that should be enjoyable. Drama series, movies, music videos and more which should more or less be kept in documentaries since that’s all they want to do. They want to educate you on the real side of society.

Oh wait, sorry, scratch that. What I mean is that they want to impose their singular view onto you so that you’re aligned with them because if you’re not then you’re a bad person who doesn’t deserve to be happy.
Because of this many forms of entertainment are suffering. Dr Who has lost a massive amount of viewership because the Doctor (who is a man) has become a woman and turns out his origin (which was intentionally shrouded in mystery for the past 70 years) was that he was a little black girl who is a victim of an oppressor. Seriously, they ruined one of TV’s greatest questions, who the Doctor really is, for half-assed political race baiting. Comic book adaptions have lost massive viewership’s because they’re all now gay, trans or cucked because they’re white and male and not even heroes anymore in the case of Batwoman who is an actual criminal and allows criminals to go free because she likes them yet claims she’s always saving Gotham from injustice. Honestly, the list could go on because it’s ever increasing each day.

I’m here today to talk about one TV show that’s recently come to my attention called Shrill. It’s an American sitcom, come to BBC3, about some fat woman who has to go through various situations where societies ills befall her and she must regain the strength to make it through.
Here’s the plot summary:

Shrill follows “Annie, described as a fat young woman who wants to change her life — but not her body. Annie is trying to make it as a journalist while juggling bad boyfriends, sick parents and a perfectionist boss, while the world around her deems her not good enough because of her weight. She starts to realize that she’s as good as anyone else, and acts on it.”

Another typical woke show where the main characters are sweet, innocent, fun-loving people who are just trying to live a happy and free life but are kept down because they’re not good enough for various reasons. Typical shite from people who love being victims. Victimhood porn if you will.
Not even gonna talk about how most journalists are cunts these days too which, by the sounds of this show, she would be too since nothing in life would be her fault, always someone else.
The only problem is that these characters will have the show from their side, so you can see their struggles and what not through their eyes an in their shoes. However, and this is a big one, they are some of the worst, most disgusting, self-centered, egotistical, ignorant, arrogant and dumbest pieces of shit I’ve seen. The worst part is that they’re being shown to be the good people and everything they are doing is for the betterment of society and mankind.
It’s truly shocking how people believe they are what role models should be for the next and future generations.
Let me just tell you about one particular scene that says all that needs to be said about these people, the show and why the creators of it are just absolute pieces of scum.

In this scene there are three characters which I’m so sick of already just because of their stereotypical twatness.
First of all you have the young white woman who is ignorant to all of society’s faults which is most likely due to her “white privilege”.
Then you have the black woman who is there as the teacher, the woman who didn’t want the role of educator but feels it’s her duty to help people understand their misunderstandings and progress with the rest of the world.
We will get to the third character soon.

So, the young white woman comes into the hairdressers owned by a large black woman who is also gay because, you know, diversity and representation. She comes in, sits down in the chair and she’s honestly lovely. She’s smiling, happy, really friendly and someone who seems like a delight to be around. The black woman asks what kind of haircut she’s looking for and is greeted by a photo of Bob Marley. The white woman says she wants dreads because they look cool and she thinks she would suit them.
The hairdresser looks shocked and instantly tells her she wouldn’t suit them and goes on to say that it’s cultural appropriation. Always good when the business provides a service for the customers wants then tells the customer what they can and can’t have purely based on the colour of their skin.
The white girl seems a little taken aback and says she doesn’t know who Bob Marley is, she just liked the hairstyle. Gotta have that dumb, ignorant white person who is a blank slate ready to be educated.
The hairdresser then tells her that if she had an office job the boss would ask her to straighten her hair and have it more professional. So there we have the whole victim complex again. If you have dreadlocks you are not smart and are demanded to change your hairstyle even though it’s complete bollocks and the writers know this.
The white girl says that she has many friends who have dreadlocks to which the hairdresser gives her a look of disgust along with a sarcastic answer. Such a friendly person.
The white girl even compliments the hairdresser and says that she would look cute if she had dreadlocks. She complimented her and is being so nice and friendly but she’s getting so much shit for absolutely nothing.

Now in walks character three who pretty much deals the final blow on why these people are absolute trash. The obvious lesbian comes in and stares the white girl down with a somewhat intimidating look of disgust as the hairdresser now tells the white girl that she is “not getting it” and suggests “let’s not do this”. With a sarcastic smile and pompous demeanor she then asks the white girl to leave. Yeah, she actually kicks her out of her salon because she asked for a haircut that the hairdresser didn’t think suited her even though her opinion doesn’t mean jack shit.
The white girl is obviously taken aback and is understandably confused at this sudden turn. Of course she is, why wouldn’t she be? She then asks why she is being removed and the hairdresser says this.
“I tried to explain, but you weren’t listening so let’s just end this now.”
So the hairdresser said you wouldn’t suit the hair, it’s cultural appropriation and you would be asked to change it if you worked in an office. That’s literally all she said to her. There was no explaining, educating or helping her understand why it would be a bad idea to have this hairstyle. And while she says it she just has this stuck up grin on her face like she’s just done some great service to humanity. Really proud of herself.
Now as she’s saying this the third woman grabs the white girls bag, places it on her lap and gets her out of the chair to push her towards the entrance. Still very much confused the young woman asks what is happening to which the third woman says;
“It’s nothing personal we just hate you here.”

Talk about dramatic and trying to play off your own cunt of a personality.
The girl then leaves and it goes onto something else but that’s essentially the whole problem.
Just to make it all perfectly clear and to show how wrong all this is lemme just give you a quick rundown.

Girl comes into hairdresser and shows what she wants.
Black hairdresser doesn’t like the idea of her having that haircut.
She attempts to explain she finds it racist (even though it isn’t) but she doesn’t explain it well.
The girl enjoys the conversation with the hairdresser.
The hairdresser asks her to leave and says she tried to explain her behavior.
She is thrown out by another woman who says they hate her.
The two women smile as the young girl leaves.

This is what your peak woke comedy looks like. No jokes, no funny situations, no comical aspects. Just a bunch of people being horrible in their own echo chambers, bullying people for having different views from them and finally getting rid of them and feeling so smug and self satisfied about making someone else unhappy.
We’ve seen this greatly increase over the past year because of the obvious news events as well as people feeling like it’s OK to pick and choose what they find as offensive if they have a personal dislike to it.
The worst part about this kind of “entertainment” is that when you put the focus on the main stars and treat them like the “good” guys then you tend to feel more a connection to them or you start to root for them. Look at Clockwork Orange. Alex DeLarge is a criminal, a rapist, a murderer and a thief. Yet because the story is told from his perspective you seem to root for him. Same with Anakin Skywalker who is a child murdering tyrannical dictators right hand. Yet he’s still an interesting character you want to see more of.

These people however don’t have those qualities of being entertaining or an integral part of a greater story and as such feel more grounded and realistic. So much in fact that it could easily be taken as a real thing. By that I mean if you told me those events happened in real life then I would believe you because that’s the kind of pathetic attitude I expect from people these days who hold these single minded, ignorant and arrogant views on the world.
These views and actions taken by these characters then go on to mold impressionable people by thinking that’s how you should treat people like that. I mean Antifa and BLM go about harassing people for their differing views. There are so many videos and news reports about what they’re doing and yet we’re still told day in, day out that they are the good guys fighting for a better future.

Another good example of this would be in Captain Marvel.
There is a scene in which she is approached by a man on a bike who asks if she needs any help. She’s rude and brushes him off to which he dejectedly says “you should smile more”. Now this seems to be like some kind of trigger for her because she beats him badly then steals his bike. And she’s supposed to be the superhero? He wasn’t even a bad guy. He was just some guy who didn’t appreciate being ignored and yeah he maybe should have left it without the comment but it definitely didn’t deserve being assaulted and robbed.
But because she’s now a wannabe feminist icon her actions are seen as justified and to be applauded.

It is a dangerous message to be sending out to people.

It is not OK to attack people because you feel a little insulted.

It is not OK to refuse service to someone because they have different views.

It is not OK to tell someone they’re hated because they have different views.

It is not OK to justify your disgusting behavior behind your political views.

It is not OK to tell people these actions are OK if that person disagrees with you.

It is not OK to tell others what they can and cannot wear or what style they choose to have.

The BBC is a low and pathetic company.
I didn’t think they could sink any lower after Dr. Who but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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