E3 2021: Gearbox Presentation – That was it?

A few days prior they announced their next big project that should be their focus for the next couple years and it seems to have been fairly positively received too. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a Borderlands spin off set in a fantasy type world similar to Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Borderlands 2 DLC.
So that’s gotta be a big part of the presentation with more details on it’s cast, gameplay, setting and connection to the Borderlands world right? Of course not, this is a Gearbox presentation we’re talking about.

To start off we had this annoyingly long segment of just people talking about nothing in particular and it felt so boring. We come here to see games and news not just listening to opinions on the video game industry. I mean some might like to hear it but I’m certain the majority just want to see new updates.

After that was this stupidly tacky introduction to Gearbox University which should have come off as a retro 80’s inspired video tape but just looked stupid and at this point are we not tired of the 1980’s theme tacked onto everything?

Oh look, here’s a short segment on a Borderlands 3 minigame that’s been out for over a year.
That was a good… reminder… that it exists?

Now I am not a fan of the planned Borderlands movie in the slightest. Not one cast member sounds right for the role, the comedy is gonna be extremely woke, cringing and outdated, the story is going to be godawful and I am confident it will be a disaster in the ratings like every other half assed attempt at a game movie adaption.
Sot it was great to have a 15 minute long segment talking to a couple crew members at a sound stage who all seemed unexpected to suddenly be questioned. This was all done by Randy Pitchford, or Greasy Bitchford if you prefer, a man who has been accused of some unsavory things, embezzles money from his employees, blames fans for not liking broken games, lies and misinforms about games, lies about voice actors and even goes so far as to violently assault one of them.
And by the end nothing new was known. No screenshots, story details, costume designs.

A short few seconds on the planned Homeworld 2.

Ok, a trailer for Wonderlands great! Ok, so we’ve seen this one but maybe it’ll be extended.
Ok, it wasn’t but someone is gonna talk about.
Ok, so we have dragons and it’ll be in a fantasy world.
Both things which we already saw from the trailer a few days ago.
Well… That was worth the wait.

Oh, another trailer for a Viking survival game.
No, wait, this was the same trailer showed a few days ago.
Then a guy talks about it a little but nothing interesting.

Another few second segment of vague hints on Homeworld 2… Ok?

Now it’s a cringing list of stupid jokes based around Borderlands in Gearbox University skit.

Godfall, a game that’s been out a while too, comes to PS4 as a downgrade? I mean yeah I’d take games coming down a generation since we’re still in a time where you can’t get a PS5 right now.
Decent move, probably the best part of the presentation even though I have no interest in this game whatsoever.

Another couple seconds of Homeworld.

Another stupid Gearbox University skit.

Then the press conference ends with Greasy Bitch interviewing Kevin Hart which is as uninteresting as it sounds.

That was the entire press conference.
We thought their Borderlands 3 reveal couldn’t get any worse.

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