PlayStation Showcase 2021 – Thoughts

When it comes to me writing down my thoughts on these shows I usually take so long and half the time I don’t actually get around to posting them because I put in so much information. I still have Gamescom to upload too.
So I’m just gonna give a very quick opinion on what each of the items showcased last night meant to me.
Lets go!


Well it really should because the first thing they showed was a really long advert for their own company essentially and it was so boring. It was a bunch of annoyingly dressed “fashionable” people were were driving around, being chased and fighting a bit with chess pieces emblazoned everywhere. Didn’t really make much sense nor was it interesting. Funny how they say no limits when people can hardly grab themselves a PlayStation 5.


This is the game that made this show for me. After a long time of being rumoured and teased we finally have confirmation of a remake of Knights of the Old Republic. Admittedly I’ve never finished the original or it’s sequel but I will definitely be playing it before it’s released. Hopefully they allow us to chose sides and not just stick us in a set, linear role but we’ll see. Either way I’m very excited for this game.
At first it seemed like a PS5 exclusive but luckily LucasGames twitter clarified it would be on PC too. Phew!


This one didn’t really impress me much at first cos it just looked like some indie hack and slash game but the more it went on the more it intrigues me. Cool locations, stylish combat, Korean audio track and the soundtrack was really nice. It reminded me of Devil May Cry meets Bayonetta but in a more futuristic setting. Fingers crossed it’ll be making it’s way to PC at some point but it’s one to keep an eye on regardless.


I mean honestly I am kinda less hyped for this game after this trailer. The initial one made it sound like it’s gonna be in a fantasy setting so your armaments and things would match. But this trailer showed that you use a lot of guns too so it just looked like another Borderlands game with very little changed. I’ll still likely play it at some point but it really doesn’t seem like it’s anything different at this point.


Gameplay has been out for a while on this title and I wasn’t interested from then. It looks nice and the story seems OK at best but this one will be a pass for me.


Again, been out for a while so seen all that needs to be seen. Sounds like it could be fun but we all know that Ubisoft will monetise the hell out of it and turn it into some esport crap. So I doubt I’ll be playing this one.


I have still yet to play all of the original but from what I remember it was pretty good. I’ll likely play the original at some point as no point buying the remastered unless I really want the improved graphics which is unlikely. Still, remasters are always a welcome sight.


I did write down a short rant for this on how it’s been the only GTA game for the past eight years but we already know. Milking one game over three generations.


After The Evil Within seemingly wrapped up it’s story (even though they need to make a third since it ended on another cliffhanger), Tango moved their focus onto a new game. The initial story trailer looked interesting and cool but since they showed it’s all first person combat, similar to Shadow Warrior, I’ve kinda lost interest. While the world and story sounds cool the gameplay just doesn’t look that fun so I’ll maybe play it someday but for now it’s not really on my to play list.


Another Marvel game…


A battle royale game based on the Vampire the Masquerade series that nobody asked for that will die within a few weeks if it lasts that long. Next.


At first this game sounded interesting, had a great company behind it and the 70’s movie art style made it look really eye catching. Now it just seems the more I hear about it the worse it sounds. I think it’s because they’re spending so much on advertising the game that it feels like they’re trying so hard to make people like it. I’ve seen others who feel the same like they’re trying to push the next big “thing” but it’s just not catching on. I may play it someday but yeah, just losing it’s appeal by the day.


Didn’t really see anything of this game but it’s a collaboration with a band so puts me off immediately.
Nothing more I can say really.


Looks like a cutesy survival game but it doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I’m sure others will enjoy it though.


Having PS4 exclusives coming to PC is always a welcome sight even if it has Cuckmann’s name attatched to it. I’ve yet to play 4 all the way through and TLL at all but I will definitely be picking them up on PC. It’s a great series that I’ve enjoyed a lot so having better graphics, framerate, controls and modding possibilities will make it really enjoyable.


Another Marvel game…


Racing game.


A Marvel game that I’m actually looking forward to. I really enjoyed Spiderman on the PS4 and I’m yet to play Miles Morales because it never comes down to a decent price on the sales but I do want to pick it up. With the addition on Venom as seemingly the main villain it seems like it’s gonna be a great game. Really excited for this one. Shame it’s a PS5 exclusive but hopefully within the next year or two I’ll be able to pick one up.


I’ve yet to play 2018’s God of War even though I do own it now and this trailer actually made me want to play it so I may have a play through to have a proper understanding and appreciation for it’s sequel. Right now I’m in the dark about the whole series but it looks like a great experience.

Was there something that you really liked in this show or something that didn’t show up that you hoped would?
Let me know!

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