Preparing for Christmas!

It'll soon be time to start putting up the decorations, wrapping the presents and sending out Christmas cards which are all things I enjoy doing so much because to me Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year! Sarah and I will be having our Christmas in January when she finally visits so... Continue Reading →

No Equality of Justice

Another quick post stemming from the events of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Except this one doesn't involve anything to do with the case at all but instead those on the outside, like myself, who like to share their own opinions about it. This has been on the news everywhere for a long time now so... Continue Reading →

Happy 10th Birthday Payday!

This week is the celebration of one of the best game series ever made - Payday!Starting back in 2011 with Payday: The Heist, we were introduced to the only game out there that really put you in the heart of the action as a smart and hardened career criminal performing daring robberies and dangerous heists.... Continue Reading →

Darth Dhiema has Joined the Fight!

While looking through some interesting mods to spice up my matches of Battlefront II, I discovered a guy on the Battlefront II Nexus and read that he takes commissions of peoples player made characters from The Old Republic, a Star Wars MMO which I greatly recommend.Loving my Sith Warrior character I thought he would be... Continue Reading →

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