Happy 10th Birthday Payday!

This week is the celebration of one of the best game series ever made - Payday!Starting back in 2011 with Payday: The Heist, we were introduced to the only game out there that really put you in the heart of the action as a smart and hardened career criminal performing daring robberies and dangerous heists.... Continue Reading →

Darth Dhiema has Joined the Fight!

While looking through some interesting mods to spice up my matches of Battlefront II, I discovered a guy on the Battlefront II Nexus and read that he takes commissions of peoples player made characters from The Old Republic, a Star Wars MMO which I greatly recommend.Loving my Sith Warrior character I thought he would be... Continue Reading →

Battlefield 2042 – Hell yeah!

I've always been that kind of person when it comes to these big, online shooter games to wait a couple years before finally getting into them due to the reception about them, the usual copy and paste of previous years entries and the sheer price of what some of these games go for. Naturally by... Continue Reading →

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days – Review

(Like with my previously posted Raid: World War II review, this is another review that has been completed but never posted for unknown reasons so it's been laying here since 2018. Well, there's no reason not to release it now!) Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is the sequel to Dead Men, set shortly after... Continue Reading →

RAID: World War II – Review

(This review was first written in 2018 but I can't for the life of me remember why I never released it. I just happened to find it while looking through my old drafts and thought I may as well post it. I made a couple of amendments to update it a tad but the review... Continue Reading →

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