Achievement Hunter Irritation – Survivalist (Metal Gear Survive)

If you thought that posts about Metal Gear Survive were over, THINK AGAIN! But nah, this just happens to fall into the category of having one achievement that seems to stand out above the rest for having something about it that really gets on my nerves. We've gone through a couple before so if you... Continue Reading →

PlayStation Showcase 2021 – Thoughts

When it comes to me writing down my thoughts on these shows I usually take so long and half the time I don't actually get around to posting them because I put in so much information. I still have Gamescom to upload too.So I'm just gonna give a very quick opinion on what each of... Continue Reading →

Summer Game Fest – Thoughts

By sheer luck I manged to tune into the stream today by looking at a Reddit post that referenced Payday 3, that led me to Overkill's Twitter, that led me to a cryptic looking site with a countdown which was the start of the SGF which only had ten minutes left. Talk about timing. Now... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Games…?

HELPHAVE YOU SEEN THIS GAME? It is sad but unfortunately inevitable that most of us can't remember specific details of things we saw a long time ago. We forget the names of movies, forget the faces of old friends and even completely erase large chunks of our lives. Only bits here and there survive if... Continue Reading →

RAID: World War II – Review

(This review was first written in 2018 but I can't for the life of me remember why I never released it. I just happened to find it while looking through my old drafts and thought I may as well post it. I made a couple of amendments to update it a tad but the review... Continue Reading →

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