Keep fiction fucking fiction!

Not every piece of media needs an insert of real world situations. Things that are designed to entertain do not need to be semi-documentaries. They don’t need the politics, the drama, the causes, the reflections, the vocal groups, the minority opinions. If you’re trying to educate use another platform rather than destroying every good franchise with your petty and pathetic opinions. You’re just fucking trash … Continue reading Keep fiction fucking fiction!

Yokohama! The City of… Dreams?

I’ve been playing the new Yakuza game, Like a Dragon, and boy it’s been quite the experience. Whilst being fairly different from the usual entries it’s still retaining it’s classic feel. The Dragon Engine still looks and feels amazing, the characters are really interesting, the story is deeply engrossing and the combat feels fun, fluid and stylish. Of course, you can’t forget the amazing and … Continue reading Yokohama! The City of… Dreams?

An Interesting Week in Gaming

It’s been quite an interesting week of gaming for me which I honestly haven’t had in a while. Most of the time it’s been quite disappointing news with hyped up games turning out to be terrible, weeks or months long delays, unwelcome exclusive deals or some bullshit “news” about how someone hasn’t been politically correct. A lot of updates we could have done without basically … Continue reading An Interesting Week in Gaming