Judgement Sequel – My Idea for the Story

I’ve never been so happy to know that it’s “Judgement Day”. Back in 2018, watching the reveal trailer for Ryu Ga Gotoku studio’s next big game was one of the greatest moments of my gaming life. Set in the same universe as Yakuza, has great fluid combat, stars some well known people and, most of all, has a noir story that really went dark and … Continue reading Judgement Sequel – My Idea for the Story

Misunderstanding Quotes? – Metal Gear Solid

Ok this post genuinely annoyed the hell out of me and I don’t know why I let it get to me this much. It’s either the writer hasn’t played the game, hasn’t understood or or is just being intentionally idiotic for the sake of it.I was just trawling through some Metal Gear Solid posts on a site when this one came up.https://www.thegamer.com/metal-gear-solid-quotes-dont-understand/It’s talking about all … Continue reading Misunderstanding Quotes? – Metal Gear Solid

Dream – The Secret Life of a Detective

I used to like writing down and recording my dreams because I always found it fascinating the way the mind works while we sleep. I would experience this strange vision or story and wake up with partial memory loss of the events that transpired. Sometimes I would even work dreams into my own writing or they would be the basis of it. They can be … Continue reading Dream – The Secret Life of a Detective

Keep fiction fucking fiction!

Not every piece of media needs an insert of real world situations. Things that are designed to entertain do not need to be semi-documentaries. They don’t need the politics, the drama, the causes, the reflections, the vocal groups, the minority opinions. If you’re trying to educate use another platform rather than destroying every good franchise with your petty and pathetic opinions. You’re just fucking trash … Continue reading Keep fiction fucking fiction!

Yokohama! The City of… Dreams?

I’ve been playing the new Yakuza game, Like a Dragon, and boy it’s been quite the experience. Whilst being fairly different from the usual entries it’s still retaining it’s classic feel. The Dragon Engine still looks and feels amazing, the characters are really interesting, the story is deeply engrossing and the combat feels fun, fluid and stylish. Of course, you can’t forget the amazing and … Continue reading Yokohama! The City of… Dreams?