Top Games of the Years – 31 Days Challenge

A while ago I did one of those "30 Day Challenge" type posts where you had to fill in a new entry each day relating to your subject of choice. Mine was to do with video games and I really enjoyed it so I thought it's about time for another.Each day I'll be coming back... Continue Reading →

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PlayStation Showcase 2021 – Thoughts

When it comes to me writing down my thoughts on these shows I usually take so long and half the time I don't actually get around to posting them because I put in so much information. I still have Gamescom to upload too.So I'm just gonna give a very quick opinion on what each of... Continue Reading →

A Week to Rest

I'll try make this post as quick as I can because it's one of the lesser pleasant ones and it's more of an update on how things are going. I'll get the bad new out of the way first as it'll give a lot of understanding a context.Only July 5th my uncle passed away suddenly... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Tracks – Payday 2

To add a little more consistency and contant to my blog I thought I'd try out have scheduled posts for every Friday on something that I would like to share my opinion on. We all know that video games are really added to with their soundtracks and there's so much to be enjoyed about them.... Continue Reading →

Summer Game Fest – Thoughts

By sheer luck I manged to tune into the stream today by looking at a Reddit post that referenced Payday 3, that led me to Overkill's Twitter, that led me to a cryptic looking site with a countdown which was the start of the SGF which only had ten minutes left. Talk about timing. Now... Continue Reading →

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