A Fine Addition to my Collection!

Over the Christmas period I got my bonus, thank you job, and so I thought I'd put some in savings, put some towards my America trip soon and have a little left over to spend on myself. I've wanted to build up my collection of Japanese weaponry so grabbed myself a new katana and it... Continue Reading →

Building Up a Healthier Mind

It's no secret that I'm not happy with the way the world has gone in the past few years. While we're still under the thumb of the pandemic, it's more the societal changes that have really affected me because it's just made everything seem to stupid and idiotic. Politics and opinion have infected most things... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 2022!

This will likely be the last post of the year so I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I hope you all stay safe, have a great and fun Christmas along with a brilliant new year to come in 2023! After a long time planning all three projects of my Christmas... Continue Reading →


God has forsaken us on this damned island. Each sunrise I travel through the evil elements to earn my survival.They keep us here, this formal prison, and will not let us stay where we feel comfort and safety.We must endure until evening and hope I will see it through to the end. I will not... Continue Reading →

Christmas Projects Update #3

This should be the last update post I'm making as it's getting towards the deadline and Christmas will soon be upon us! There's ups and downs but in the end I think things have worked out pretty well! Presents:I have finally completed all of my Christmas shopping, wrapped all but two, and my parcel reached... Continue Reading →

Time for an Upgrade?

For over year now I have been putting together wrestling matches for, what I have dubbed, Detective/Jippin World. This is essentially a collection of characters that make up the lore of the times that Jippin and I have been gaming. It's not a new concept by any means but it's something that is a lot... Continue Reading →

Christmas Projects Update #2

Unfortunately it's been a very busy past couple weeks but not a very productive one. There's been a few things that I didn't see coming that have thrown a bit of a spanner into the works but that hasn't stopped me from trying to get everything done even if it means changing a few things.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Projects Update

This has been a hectic week for trying to get things sorted out in preparation for all the things I have planned for Christmas. It's no easy feat and I was certain that starting the last week of October would have given me plenty of time but I completely forgot about how much of that... Continue Reading →

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